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  1. TodaysArt

    by TodaysArt joined

    571 Videos / 713 Members

    This group features videos on Vimeo of works, performances and artists that were presented at or relate to previous or upcoming TodaysArt festival editions. One missing? Please add! If you would like…

  2. Audiovisual Activities

    by supeReel joined

    228 Videos / 173 Members

    The mission is to promote interest in contemporary arts, technology and music. We are moving and things are changing.. more details soon. Past projects: Space is a project within a project,…

  3. Experimental Narrative

    by Sailors on Belmont joined

    3,373 Videos / 1,174 Members

    Experimental techniques used to tell stories. Advancement of the medium. Film and video as a canvas for story telling. I'm afraid of the dark and often wet my bed for protection.

  4. Arab World Creatives

    by Yad Deen joined

    1,039 Videos / 430 Members

    An opportunity for those in the Arab world to showcase their creative videos, animations and films. Remember: there is no limit to quality, creativity, nor quantity! You can also see the 'Arab…

  5. &

    by Holden&Sons joined

    748 Videos / 107 Members

    Animation & Avant Garde & Behind The Scenes & Bumpers & Commercials & Design & Documentary & Experimental & Fashion & Feature/Short Film & Idents & Lectures…

  6. Crazy animations

    by Studio Dittongraph joined

    110 Videos / 117 Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news of crazy animation & motion graphics...

  7. nice stuff

    by filipe larangeira joined

    73 Videos / 21 Members

  8. LOVE ART & FRIENDSHIP! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    by tonydanis joined

    2,726 Videos / 263 Members

    music ,art ,painting,animation , fantasy,creative content,Motion Graphics

  9. Ideas and Inspiration

    by jmarkley joined

    1,099 Videos / 760 Members

    "We don't know who we are until we see what we can do." Quote - Martha Grimes

  10. Artec Pictures Presents: AMP/Artec's Melting Pot

    by Artec Pictures joined

    2,171 Videos / 760 Members

    Post your art, music, short, narrative, documentary, animation, commercial, travel, live, & experimental videos here. We want a channel that is diverse and that has open-minded members. And…

  11. Any Video You Want

    by Fent's Post Productions joined

    557 Videos / 103 Members

    Upload any video you want.

  12. the structure

    by jacob rendell joined

    4,534 Videos / 855 Members

    the arts, audiovisual, live cinema, vj'ism, interaction

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