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Beat Maker, Musician, Web Developer, Producer.... I am all about music. Whether that's hip hop, techno, dubstep or whatever. If it has beats then I'll make em and I'll blast them on my speakers. I use a bunch of different tools, everything from Dubturbo to ableton live and even protools. I think all these beat making programs are great and can be used properly when you know their place. I run which is a site that reviews music software, interviews different beat makers and just generally provides all kinds of great content to help people make music and beats. Check it!

FLStudio is my production tool of choice these days, but I also use cubase, ableton, and some of the easier tools like propellerheads reason and dubturbo. There are so many good music production programs available it's pretty mind blowing. I remember about 10 years ago you really only had a handful of good tools to choose from but man oh man has that changed. Now you have tons of developers from all over the world creating sick plugins, effects, sample packs and all sorts of stuff. It's amazing how far the technology has come, and I think it's great because you have all these kids in their basement making tunes that really allow their creativity to shine in a way that wasn't possible until now.

Many people have argued that you need to have crazy musical skills to be a real musician, but what they forget is that music is something that lives and breathes in your imagination. I have mad respect for the guy that can play keys like a boss or hammer out killer drum patterns, but I've got even more respect for the guy who can come up with a good melody, or a catchy riff, because that's what's difficult in music. Some would argue with this approach but how many people have sick musical skills, but can't even improvise a melody on the happy birthday song?? That is the sad state of music these days. So someone who can't even play an instrument but could come up with a sick melody and make killer beats, will have my respect every day of the week.

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