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My name is Don G W Cox, living in North Bay Ontario, Canada, 200 miles north of the city of Toronto. Love of family, a wife and 4 children, a grandchild on the way, cements me to this fair city. A city surrounded by lakes, beautiful country side, a bounty of natural resources, a tolerable climate, though we can have severely cold winters but absolutely beautiful summers.
With 18 years experience in marketing offline, having owned and operated a successful media distributions company; one of the last private distributorship. Forced out of business through the federally operated Canada Post, we survived over ten years, saving local businesses millions of dollars. At age 33 to age 40 I had complete financial and later freedom of time, which brought about a tendency kept at bay through work, that nearly destroyed everything good in my life. Even yet, I do not trust myself with large sums of money, for fear that I may relapse. This mental block which operated subconsciously has seen the light of day and now I prepared myself to stop sabotaging my success for fear I may spend all of our money. My wife now works as Chief Financial Officer for our company. Thank God!
At the risk of sounding arrogant, I must concede that I have had a knack for finding profitable niches, that others cannot see. This lead me to great success offline. Now that i have turned my attention to Online opportunities, with a pioneering spirit that shaped North America, I now have detected another niche. It is waiting for us to establish the necessary business practice before we launch our marketing campaigns.
The services we speak of involve blogging and SEO - two of the most essential online services required for all online businesses. Knowing in advance, that radically new ideas often fail, while something already established, changed every so slightly gives us the advantage.
Again at the risk of saying so, we expect that we will be part of a paradigm shift taking place in how we Create Content and Optimize it!
Imagine if you could afford to Out Source Your Blogging And SEO, so that you are freed up to do more important tasks. We also are playing directly into Google hands, as our new services will make their job much easier.
Our service is limited. We need only a few thousand customers at most, to earn a substantial income and make many of our soon to be Affiliates more money than they have ever made online.
Lastly and this is one of our Primary Goals, that can be read in our Mission Statement as follows:

We provide affordable essential online business building services, so that we may Empower Others In Third World Countries, through Employment rather than Charity, to help end poverty and suffering in the world!

Our Ideal Customer is a passionate online business builder who knows Content Is King, who works at a job offline to support his/her family, and who is kind, compassionate and unconditionally loving to all forms of life, including themselves. Often People In Recovery From Addictions who attend 12 Step Groups, or who practice Mediation Daily, have discovered their true Self, and seek to raise their Level of Consciousness. Abraham Maslow says that each individual aspires to reach for their highest potential in life. Opening themselves to the Universal Laws that govern our reality, many of our customers have reached what Carl Yung defines as the Age of Sage, where we Make Our Subconscious Conscious, so that we make Live Our Destiny, not our fate.

I bid you well and if you are interested in being one of a few people we allow to use our service this week, subscribe to our Channel to get updates and access to our Free Trial Offer!

Fight The Good Fight!

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