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21 and currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD Savannah) for Motion Media design. Motion Graphics is a relatively new field for me, but I've been involved in all sorts of a mixed medias since I was a young child. Unlike other children who pursued more classical elements of design -- such as drawing or painting, I took an early interest in web design; and by the age of 10 was designing fully functional basic websites for my church. As I grew older, I took interest in more advanced scripting and began programming simple video games. After pursuing the aforementioned as no more than hobbies, my interests took a more career-based approach as I took on web & graphic design as a freelance artist for local businesses and former video-game based journalism websites like and NewGame+ Radio podcasting.

Now that I'm at SCAD as a Junior, I've decided that my true God-given calling is to take what I've learned thus far and apply it to a field that is less familiar to me to broaden my knowledge and take on the industry with a wider range of abilities and do what I love -- and have always loved doing, for a living.

Though I currently remain quite busy with my studies, feel free to message me if you're looking for a Motion Graphics artist (or any other form of digital media design) as I may have time to take on side projects as they come.

Please enjoy the works I have displayed here! Regards,
-Myles Bryan (

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