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My Pempek Publishing is a boutique publishing house specializing in high quality, affordable children’s books in hard copy and digital format. Our books are whimsical, colorful and educational and are loved by children, parents and caregivers around the world.

My Pempek Publishing is committed to literacy and is active in the local and global community delivering interactive book readings, workshops and speaking engagements .

You can find our products online at our bookstore, through retail partners and local libraries. For the tech savvy family our books are also available from our store in e-book format for fun reading on computers, iPads, and other e-book readers.

We are not your average children’s book publisher and offer a behind the scenes look at all of the exciting moments at the company, at our events as well as tips and support for those considering publishing their own books.

Our e-zine, My Pempek Publishing – Navel Gazing is available exclusively to our customers and subscribers. Your loyalty is important to us so if you buy our products or subscribe to our list we will provide you with exclusive offers to save on our products, access to our latest news and contests with prizes! We LOVE to give things away, so subscribe now so we can keep in touch!

Thank you for visiting our online home. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with our wonderful products, publishing insights and an intimate look at the goings on behind the web presence!

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