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I grew up with the desire to see all, from all different angles. To understand myself from external, internal interrogation, almost like cubism. Faces and bodies seen from all angles, all joined together creating a final image. Human existence, or in other words reality has got multiple possibilities that may either console or mystify humanity and existence.

We tend to refer to life in its technical manner, forgetting that we are humans, forgetting that what makes us humans is a complex history of memory and emotional reading.
Performing my role, and in search of my/our existence, I decided to look at people, their performance, their actions their lives as a whole. Explore my own state by reflecting into the eyes of others.

One can spend a lifetime searching for his true origins; one can miss altogether the true nature of his origin from searching. The way I see it, it’s all about trusting your nature; it’s all about trusting the process of life.

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