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Jody Schiesser is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker. He is responsible for films such as the award-winning shorts THE STREET CLEANER, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and ANTIGONE'S SONG. He directs, produces, edits, and manages locations for film and television, including three seasons of Style Network's Emmy-winning series RUBY, Tyler Perry's THE HAVE AND THE HAVE NOTS, and five feature-length movies the past three years (CRACKERJACK, UNTOUCHED, BREAKING AT THE EDGE, FOUR SENSES, and ABRAHAM LINCOLN vs ZOMBIES). Born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jody now lives in Savannah, Georgia, with his remarkable and understanding wife Sarah and sons Finn and Talon. Telling important stories, and nurturing an idea from concept to completed vision, is what he is passionate about.

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