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Mytherapy is a boutique Digital Cinema facility based in Soho, W1, we listen to our clients needs and work to make the digital cinema easier and more affordable for film-makers, producers, distributors and exhibitors.
Do you or your clients wish to ride the wave of new digital technology and master to the highest spec 2K or 4K Digital Cinema format? Or even in 3D?
Mytherapy is a Complete Digital Cinema Solution Facility, able to finish and master your features, shorts, and commercials directly for Digital Cinema distribution in both 2D & 3D. Additionally, Mytherapy can handle your delivery needs, fulfilling all your distribution needs, international versioning, HDCAM SR masters, BluRay and DVD.
With the ability to finish and master from a variety of sources, Mytherapy offers flexibility as it can handle all digital cameras originated material including RED, Epic, Alexa, Canon DSLR, Panasonic, Phantom, SI2K.
We have finished and mastered more Stereoscopic 3D projects than any other facility in the UK. Mytherapy has even developed its own in-house 3-D subtitling solution where we can individually track and set each subtitle to the correct z-axis. This makes it perfect for international re-versioning and we can work with any subtitle file type and make it work in any language (both in 2K and 3D).

Our unique, custom build High End finishing suites (both 2D & 3D) allow Mytherapy to work to the highest quality making your digital release the way you want it too look!

Why use us?

Our extensive knowledge and experience of working with digital files and creating perfect images for the screen make us a leader in colour correction and cinema mastering.
Please contact our bookings team on 0207 6366636 or email -, for a competitive quote, or for more information on our services.

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