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Once upon a time
MyTreeTV went online
It started to grow and grow
and welcomes you to the show!

At the moment we are just a few
But all the time there is someone new
taking a seat in the shadow of MyTree
you’ll do the same and you gonna see:

WOW! We let it flow and we let it grow!
A counterweight to the nonsense out there
A new channel for the people who CARE!
Please feel free and enjoy the new show!

Keep it green and put MyTree on your screen!

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  1. the source project
  2. galisteo [cameraman]
  3. Rise and Shine Films
  4. Alexander Walter
  5. David Coiffier
  6. Slowmo High Speed
  7. Stefano Santucci Photography
  8. Rafael Kistler
  9. CC Media Ltd.
  10. Fabian Steiner
  11. Warwick Saint
  12. onedotzero
  13. Hélène Morlaix
  14. Sébastien Crettaz
  15. Bart van der Gaag
  16. schwerelos-film
  18. Keida Mascaro

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