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New London, CT / Chicago, IL USA

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I am an interdisciplinary media artist, creating videos, installations, performances, and objects. My work deals with the performed mediation of cities, bodies and personal narratives via military-industrial technologies. I've exhibited internationally in festivals, music venues, museums and galleries in North America, Israel, Europe and China. Most recently, I have shown at the 2013 Berlin Director's Lounge, the 2012 Transmediale and European Media Arts Festival, the Soundwave Biennial at the Lab in San Francisco and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, where I presented an installation for the center's 80 foot video facade. I hold an MFA in Art & Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2010, Full Merit Fellowship), where I have also taught in the past. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Expanded Media in Connecticut College, New London, CT. I live and works in Chicago and Connecticut.

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