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Nadia von Jacobi & The Rabbits are a Folk Oblique, Noir Fairy Tales project centered on musical poetry and journeys. We love the world and its mysteries.

Nadia von Jacobi (GER/ITA) is born as songfairy in Munich (GER). She has travelled through and lived in different nations (Germany, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, the United States). Right now her base-camp is in New Orleans (USA). Nadia's long relationship with music started off with her being committed to Ballett-dancing at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung in Munich. Then she met The Guitar. "I only knew how to play three chords when I wrote my first song". By the age of 15 years Nadia wrote an entire Musical together with a friend. Successively, she concentrated on her songwriting in different languages (English, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish) and the further studying of her instruments: Voice and Guitar.
Nadia has been live-performing ever since the age of 14, on stages in different countries and contexts, from small Islands in the middle of the Ocean and Mongolian pubs to the Vienna State Theater and the Slovenian Grad Sevnica castle...Before her fortunate encounter with the Rabbits, she used to play mostly by herself or with friendly bands met on her way. The collaboration with the Rabbits materialized in the Song Fairy Tales, her first lp registered live in London Town and Italy, released in March 2009... The Rabbits have changed character and instrumentation throughout the last years, the New Orleans formation sees her in a duo with Rabbit Ber (Bernhard Bauer).
Nadia & The Rabbits are about to release the second, and first studio-recorded album which is being produced between Milan (ITA), Vienna (AT), Detmold (GER), Florence (ITA) and New Orleans (USA). Nadia & The Rabbits currently perform at LOA bar at the International House in New Orleans, each Thursday from 5-8pm and will be touring through California in July.

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