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  1. Motos

    by eric joined

    18 Videos / 8 Members

  2. DSLR Fashion and Model Videography

    by Media by BDG joined

    75 Videos / 69 Members

    A group dedicated to model and fashion videography, shot on DSLR's, with an open forum for questions, advice, or discussions on techniques and equipment.

  3. Sony NEX-FS700 4K Videocam User Group

    by Electric Blue Media joined

    2,674 Videos / 1,005 Members

    Discuss the new Sony High Speed, Super Slo-Mo, 4K videocamera 3G HD-SDI & HDMI Output E-mount interchangeable lenses A mounts with an adapter 35mm sensor 60/50Hz switchable Compatible…

  4. Sony NEX-FS700 User Group

    by H. Paul Moon joined

    2,493 Videos / 2,570 Members

    ORDER NOW: w/o kit lens: http://bhpho.to/nexfs700 w/kit lens: http://bhpho.to/nexfs700k This is the User Group for the Sony NEX-FS700 Super 35mm camcorder. Modeled after the thriving communities…

  5. Washington Heights and Inwood, NYC

    by EAbreu Visuals joined

    257 Videos / 13 Members

    Washington Heights/Inwood Official dedication group. If you have a video shot in Inwood or Washington Heights NYC, or about either, AND you are sure that you love it and other people will appreciate…


    by john birdsong joined

    31.8K Videos / 5,050 Members

    The group was created as a place to add whatever the fuck you want. Please add whatever fucking videos you want.

  7. DSLR Inspire

    by Rob Rodriguez joined

    2,883 Videos / 818 Members

    A new generation of filmmakers is here. Create and Inspire.

  8. DSLR Picture Style Central Group

    by Jeff Dollente joined

    960 Videos / 216 Members

    This group centers on various DSLR Picture Styles ranging from Canon Picture Style, Technicolor Cinestyle, Marvels Cine, Cinema PS and the new Flaat Picture styles. These include testing and comparison…

  9. Koentopp Guitars

    by Dan Koentopp joined

    12 Videos / 81 Members

    Documentary footage by Paul Hamilton and Caleb Vinson

  10. - DSLRs - [ BEST OF ]

    by OJeeJ joined

    875 Videos / 641 Members

    Best vedios made by dslr cameras

  11. Cinematography

    by Antonio Galloro joined

    12.6K Videos / 4,132 Members

    Cinematography is one of the most captivating forms of expression in the world. A craft that requires a broad knowledge of all the arts - music, poetry, literature, sculpture and painting, as well…

  12. 7DPRO [Canon EOS 7D]

    by 7DPRO.COM joined

    12.1K Videos / 2,752 Members

    [7D, 1DMKIV, 5DMKII, T1i] WEB: http://www.7dpro.com Do you have a Canon EOS Video that you would like to share with us? Cool, let us know! VIMEO GROUPS: 7D Videos: http://vimeo.com/groups/canoneos7d 5DMKII…

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