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“All music is crossover”, says Neil Alexander, a self-styled “Jazz Synthesist” and composer from Newburgh, NY. He knows what he’s talking about, having played thousands of gigs in about every style in 30+ years of making music. He’s had ample opportunity to see where different styles intersect and how music crosses over. Well known from his ten years with the well known Pink Floyd Tribute and Jam band The Machine, Neil is reaching new musical heights with his all instrumental, hi-tech jazz-funk jam band featuring Charlie Kniceley (Rashid Ali, Jack Dejohnette) on electric bass and Nadav Snir-Zelniker (Dekel Bor, KJ Denhart) on drums. Combining traditional elements of jazz, funk, rock, jam and ambient music with cutting edge electronics, they stretch out to embrace many different styles and bring these together into a powerful original blend. They are currently touring to support their new CD “Tugging at the Infinite”. The CD reflects Neil’s many influences while showcasing the group’s versatility - from hi energy fusion jams to greasy funk and sweet ballads. You just may find yourself dancing…

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