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  1. Art With Impact - Mental Health Short Film Competition

    by Art With Impact joined

    143 Videos / 224 Members

  2. Richmond Pulse

    by New America Media joined

    47 Videos / 1 Member

    RICHMOND PULSE is a community based, youth-led media outlet with a focus on any issue that affects the health of the overall community. Young people are trained in the craft of multimedia reporting,…

  3. The Best Indie Filmmakers

    by justinsuperstar joined

    23.9K Videos / 9,167 Members

    The best short films and filmmakers on Vimeo. PLEASE VISIT: www.onlinevideocontests.com Find awesome video contests that are happening on the internet. www.filmfights.com Challenge other…

  4. China & Chinese

    by Tom Carter joined

    421 Videos / 143 Members

    All things China and Chinese.

  5. Military Tributes

    by Craig 'Harb40' Harbison joined

    124 Videos / 49 Members

    This group is dedicated for the purpose of paying tribute to those who served in their nations military or defense forces. It doesn't matter what country or branch of service. The only requirement…

  6. military families

    by vaughn joined

    56 Videos / 19 Members

    this is a group for people that have videos about thier family in the military or about themselves....just honoring someone ,deployments or hellos

  7. Iraq VETERANS Group

    by t c joined

    32 Videos / 11 Members


    by Shizzo Kane joined

    1,175 Videos / 393 Members


    by Shizzo Kane joined

    1,175 Videos / 393 Members

  10. Documentários

    by Fernando Deghi documentarios joined

    37 Videos / 18 Members

  11. Wildlife Filmmakers

    by Peter Naylor joined

    2,996 Videos / 1,100 Members

    This is a group for all wildlife filmmakers to show off their films and to network with others in the field. A career in wildlife film production is a tough task, but on here you can chat to fellow…

  12. EDO Texas

    by EaDo joined

    12 Videos / 7 Members

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