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I'm a born again spirit filled believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, worshipping him through song on my little lap harp made in Israel and also I'm a visual artist, painting and drawing all sorts of things, such as portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, flowers, illustrating books and scriptures. My profile picture is a recent self portrait that I painted in watercolors.

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  1. Last Sunday I was a guest artist at another church. The minister was preaching from Ex. 35 and how God used the skilled artisans to make all the tabernacle articles. I decided to paint the Mercy Seat. At the time, I had no references to paint…
  2. This was very well done and documented. I learned a lot and appreciate your hard work, to put this all together. Thank you so much for making these videos available!
  3. They were even better this year! Way to go, my sons!
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