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Visual label, vj crew based in Košice, Slovakia.
Nano vj's, founded in 2010 by Vj Kubriel & Vj Betakaroten, has created many light installations projects, projection mappings, vj sets, live vj acts, interactive installations or fusion of streetart and new media. Since then some members of crew left, some new come. They are working on new pieces dedicated to new media. New media perceived not only as technological resources, but as a tool for visual creations with complex ideas. Members of Nano vj's have roots in visual art.


  1. Seven Minutes
  2. Xar Lee
  4. ANTIVJ is a visual label
  5. Festival
  6. Damien Blottière
  7. Admiral
  8. DIG gallery
  9. Insectual_mkin
  10. dxtr
  11. pleix
  12. N1C0L45 M41GR3T
  13. martincg
  14. CRCR
  15. female_pressure_video
  16. palle di matcha
  17. Elektro Moon Vision
  18. movie64

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