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Everyone have a Merry Merry Christmas!

As adults the holidays are well less about getting or giving gifts than socializing with family or friends and group gatherings and holiday festivities parties. I did not get any Hannukah gifts this year. Maybe someone will get me a Christmas gift? I doubt it. Any hot girls out their want to get me your present and free gift? Don't send me a lump of your homemade coal in a stocking oversized sock. Ha ha

Sheesh! I act normal and more calm and quaint and not try to really shake up the world or get lots of negative attention being so openly offbeat...and my website traffic just drops down to dwindling few, most of which are just the international phishing scam artists snooping around for a quick look for something to steal. My return customers of hot chicks don't return if I well act normal or not so outrageous or like a hopeless romantic fool. When I share a version of myself that is well intense about chasing girls or going off on what might frustrate or upseting to me...more non 3rd world country phishing people from cities here in USA or other 1st world democracy countries show up and view my videos or websites more often, for longer periods of time spent on my sites looking me over and in greater numbers....So do I act calm and cool and chill out and feel pretty unpopular online...or do I cause a stir with being so up front and politically incorrect but way to open and honest on my thoughts observations urges or goals and desires and have more girls return to view me again? Negative attention as a kind of joke freakshow...or less attention by keeping myself more reserved and restrained and mundane or normal thinking or acting as far as society is concerned? "normal" bland regular day to day easy going Brent Goodman is considered boring by super hot girls and is easily overlooked and ignored. Brent Goodman who chases after women of his dreams and chases all his dreams down with real vigor and juice in the engine to power himself to run after chasing his dreams gets hot girls to notice me but always with a pole length away from getting close to her, I'm kind of a show or game of amusement that way sometimes. But I'm not a fetish of hated despised object of her lust or fixations when acting average or behaving like a mild mannered day to day guy gentleman. Do I play a role and act a part for others amusement and curousity about me, or stick to taking care of myself and keeping it real and not rocking the boat or pushing peoples buttons as much or as often? Basically if i cause a stir or act up to impress women I'm laughed at or looked down upon by the same women who were my fans interested in me before. Do I accentuate a regulated version cartoon character of myself to get more views, fans, or the negative attention from women online? Or do I remain ignored and overlooked as a regular more down to earth guy not trying to hard to impress others so often? Everyday guy Brent is considered pretty boring to sexy girls. The Brent hot girls love to hate gets more views and attention but often is playing an exaggerated version of the truth after a while. I love bikini models and the sexy and immature run away train child like her in nature and youthful level of emotional intelligence maturity wild reckless sexy rap video model girls. My immature version of me gets their goat or attention sometimes....My easy going average guy version of me does not capture their attention or interests in me at all and gets me more ignored than rejected more or less. Outrageous love sick longing for women of my dreams Brent guy gets rejected a lot more than getting ignored or not considered interesting as a person to acknowledge back. So which roads should I take to move forward in 2015 if I want more attention or admirers and women who like me back? The reserved guy or the up front and showing off version who craves always being the center of attention but feels hurt and burned more often when things or people and opportunities never seem to pan out or come to fruition for me in my life? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! !

Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire!

Hi there My name is Brent.

What is your name?

how are you doing? How have things been so far today for you?

How many of you are book collectors or read comic books, watch comedy TV Shows, or cult horror weird 1970's !960's and 1980's films?

Any of you artists? What kinds of art do you make these days? Remember artist can mean today almost anything including music and video and photography, dance, ect.

If you like my videos or profile please share with me more about yourself. I would like to know more about whom is someone in my returning fan base. Love me or hate me please share with me a few details about who you are and why you watch my videos. Just don't email me hate mail. But constructive criticism is alright as long as you are not intentionally insulting or trying to be a bully or abusive. I want to see more of who comes here to view some of my videos or looks for the new videos when I do have more comedy sets to upload and share.

I truly just love and adore hot sexy women I get to meet and talk with or hang out with somewhere like a festival or convention and flirting with someone who can cause that kind of alert and attentive spark of interest inside me, even if we have never met face to face but just a supermodel I know from online social networking sites. I find it harder for me to withhold or shy away from saying hello and interacting one on one with a girl I am extremely attracted and drawn to, than to just find a way to walk up and introduce myself and start to interact with her.

I like pretty girls....I
Results may vary, please ask your doctor about taking Brent Goodman and if you have had a history of high blood pressure, a heart condition, or may have become pregnant before taking Brent Goodman. I have always wanted to take a bath next to my future wife overlooking a quaint lush green landscape and huge lake during sunset after or before a really good dinner and meal. I'm not really into flying kites like in the medication commercials paid for by the huge pharmacutical companies. Find out if taking Brent Goodman is right for you or recommended by your doctor or medical physician.

Thank You

Brent Goodman

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