Nate Priest

San Francisco Bay Area

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Editor who dabbles in other aspects of filmmaking.


  1. Per-Hampus
  2. Philip Bloom
  3. Kyle Garrett
  4. Content Canning Company
  5. Steve Griggs
  6. Talking Bird Productions
  7. Amir Hosseinzadeh
  8. Glass & Marker
  9. Craig Murray
  10. Raffaele Vesco
  11. Andy Hoffman
  12. Joe Mesiano
  13. Seven Summits
  14. Beta Videography
  15. Wet Paint Studios
  16. Katherine Brennan
  17. Rolf Nylinder
  18. Phil Holland

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  1. Excellent work, sir! Some really nice shots in here. Keep it up. Hope we get a chance to meet and chat about production when I'm (hopefully) back for Christmas this year.