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Aspiring Cinematographer and Director.


  1. This Is It Projects
  2. Darnell Witt
  3. Backbone
  4. 3rd Side Records
  5. Frank Sauer
  6. Magnanimous Media
  7. Michael Marantz
  9. Dayla Kennedy
  10. Philip Bloom extras
  11. Andrew Wonder
  12. WOLF Magazine
  13. Raitank
  14. Jodeb
  15. Vimeo Video School
  16. Daniel Hayek
  17. John DeMaio
  18. Vimeo Staff

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  1. Where is the nudity?
  2. I think some hacked software would be nice!
  3. Just wondering how you did the amazing shots were they appeared be streaks (like long exposure photography), maybe a slow shutter speed? Please share your secret!