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  1. 13:21

    BODYWORK: Australian jewellery 1972-2012

    by National Gallery of Australia

    7 Videos

    The celebration of the local, the regional, the private and the personal, and the value of experience and memory, is territory that many contemporary jewellery designers and makers seek to articulate…

  2. 01:40:29

    Collection Highlights - Curator Talks

    by National Gallery of Australia

    27 Videos

    National Gallery of Australia curators present significant works from the national collection

  3. 01:08

    UnDisclosed: 2nd National Indigenous Art Triennial

    by National Gallery of Australia

    1 Video

    From May to July 2012, the National Gallery will celebrate the second National Indigenous Art Triennial, unDisclosed. Over autumn and winter, Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to experience…

  4. 00:31


    by National Gallery of Australia

    1 Video

    This unique exhibition offers audiences an unparalleled chance to see Early and High Renaissance paintings by some of the greatest European artists. Raphael, Botticelli, Bellini and Titian are represented…

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