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Nebulagirl is nom de lumière of an Ohio-based artist–chemist who works in virtually all mediums but holds a special fascination for experimental sound and multimedia works. Nebulagirl creates improvised aural soundscapes using circuit bent instruments of her own design and those of other benders. Circuit bending is the art of making and performing on one-of-a-kind handmade electronics that often start as toys or found sounds. The latter incorporate her own singing or spoken words treated in various ways. Some observers of her work in this respect say she speaks in tongues, but she really has given a personal language to electronics that many find mirror life in ways they had never experiences before. Nebulagirl performances incorporate experimental video, photographic collage, and rituals drawn from nature, the past, lost, the found, and things she considers holy. Her life as a scientist influences the subjects and themes in her creative work. “Creating my sound is like a ceremony, sometimes a joyous frenzy, sometimes an exorcism. I am intrigued by the infinite of the small and the large. The gentleness and harshness of the nature. The ecstatic truth of interstitial space and matter.

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