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  1. Best Fashion-Fine Art Videos

    by Posza Robert joined

    3,305 Videos / 1,366 Members

    Best Fashion-Art Video

  2. Fashion Videos

    by Andrea Duchesneau joined

    4,289 Videos / 1,193 Members

  3. Public Art

    by Olaf Henze joined

    11.3K Videos / 3,119 Members

    A space for any kind of PUBLIC ART: Group will display paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, media, music, dance, fashion&style, interesting people and so on. Join us! Watch…

  4. fashion & style

    by pb joined

    8,576 Videos / 2,061 Members



    7,360 Videos / 2,514 Members

    This is a group for young fashion designers who want to show their style. Bel Esprit is an online showroom for international designers and is always looking for new and dynamic fashion to present…


    by Kevin Foong joined

    18.3K Videos / 6,528 Members

    The largest repository of Fashion Films and Lovers on Vimeo. Nous aimons la mode!

  7. Creative Advertising

    by Angel Apostolski joined

    1,090 Videos / 5,544 Members

    Only real & cool TV ads! A group where people working in the advertising industry can show their talents and creativity, not promoting the brands.

  8. Filmmakers

    by Victor Peceno joined

    2,705 Videos / 665 Members

  9. fCreative5

    by FIVE5IVE joined

    16.7K Videos / 3,712 Members

    Our group exists for videos with style, subject, or content that qualifies as being CREATIVE; more so for content that INSPIRES thought and creativity. Without bias or prejudice real appreciation…

  10. short film

    by Daniel Wyszynski joined

    1,768 Videos / 707 Members

  11. Original Storytelling

    by Omar Khalifa joined

    4,051 Videos / 1,805 Members

    Real stories, originally told. Arthouse videojournalism, potent portraits, vivid soundslides, and analytical animation. 'Original storytelling' paints engaging storylines in fresh and bold…

  12. me like music

    by Steve Nelson joined

    6,761 Videos / 1,447 Members

    everyone likes listening to music. some people like making music. this group is for everyone and some people!

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