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I am a VFX Artist focused in 3D Environments and Matte paintings. From modeling, texturing, lighting/shading, rendering and compositing digital sets and assets with the live action plate to deliver the final shot.

I grow up watching movies and the behind the scene shows at the tv cable channels.
Following my passion I graduated in Advertising and publicity in 2009, and started to work in a TV Station as a Motion Grapher and 3D Generalist where I stayed for 2 years.
Then I decided that was time to improve my technical and art skills studing outside of my country(Brazil), then go to study at Gnomon School in Hollywood where is located the heart of the cg industry, and get closer to fulfill my dream of work in Hollywood Blockbusters films.

Specialties: Look Development Artist (Texturing, Shading, Lighting and Composting)

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