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Los Angeles, CA

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I'm an Actor. I'm also a screenwriter and film/tv/commercial, producer. I also dabble in music.

Some projects I'm working on:

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  1. Bron Studios Inc.
  2. Black Mountain Films
  3. Pascal Payant
  4. IN MOTION | The Huntington
  5. Ty Higgins Films
  6. Whitestone Motion Pictures
  7. Sword Fights, Inc.
  8. T GROUP Productions
  9. John Burroughs School
  10. Ana Lily Amirpour
  11. T.G. Moran
  13. Alessandra Pavan Bernacchi
  14. Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studio
  15. Goetz Brothers
  16. Anna Elizabeth James
  17. Atorrante Films
  18. A Noise Within

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