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People are afraid of the new.
New is terrifying, because it explores uncharted territories.
It is unknown, untested, and, damn, what if no one likes it?
But people hate routine even more.
The same and the same.
And in communication the same means death.
That's why we found New!, a bunch of likeminded creatives and managers who we come up with fresh ways to say the same.
We fail often, oh god, we fail a lot.
But when hit the bull's eye, it's fireworks.
We hate conveyor belts, sameness, repetitiveness.
We will never succeed in building biggest agency in the world.
Our aim is to be the best place to work at.
Which means best people, which means best work, which means... wait a minute - maybe even biggest agency in the world.
New! is the place where we work until the work is done, but we dance long after we get tired

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