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The love of beauty and truth in art, is the representation of eternal values of our civilization, and stands to remind everyone, that art goes on living after our physical death, taking its moral vision to future generations.

Make ART not WAR


  1. Christopher Noland
  2. Henry
  3. Martin Schröer
  4. Cinema Forum Fukushima
  5. Fairewinds Energy Education
  6. Reggie Watts
  7. The Thunderbolts Project
  8. Extreme Ice Survey
  9. Spacecraft Films
  10. Planetary Collective
  11. One Day on Earth
  12. BIOS Centre, LSE
  13. Mark Watts
  14. Celeste Network
  15. Rauch Brothers
  16. StoryCorps
  17. Max Igan
  18. John Rappold

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