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Niclas Hallberg is a freelance artist since the last 10 years. Working in video, photo, installation, performance and
painting. His experimental works deals with questions concerning identities, masculinity and humanity.
He is using the moving picture to express feelings, make changes or to document a performance. He often uses
himself as an actor and thereby he creates a feeling of intimity.
Niclas Hallberg has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, and has made videos
and photos commissioned by other artists and museums.
Niclas Hallberg work in several international projects, focused on collaborational
exchanges resulting in exhibitions and video screenings, and also in different art projects together with artists
from around the world.
Niclas Hallberg founded Formverk (art zone) 2004, together with Stina Pehrsdotter, an experimental exhibition and project space in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

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