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Nicola Cher Geismar is an Anglo- American Pilates trainer, street athlete and dancer with a reputation for inspiring people in London and NYC

From London's Hip Hop clubs of the 90s to grainy throwdowns in Brooklyn to dusty old Latin tracks sampled for their grooves, Nicola Cher Geismar's influences span decades and cultures. These influences blend with her experiences as a Londoner, B-Girl, Pilates instructor and fitness expert.

NCG provides unique movement experiences, using a creative, playful approach and drawing upon mixed modalities/movements to get people moving to feel excited and inspired.

After a recurring dance injury and subsequent operation Nicola was forced into period of rehabilitation where she took the time to think about all the attributes of Pilates, dance and fitness, and experiment with how she could combine them into a new style of training and original way of self-expression. Having always been inspired by the vibrancy and energy in the cities we live in, it was a natural progression to start integrating physicality within our environment and the street structures that surround us

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