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To Contribute Beyond Myself / Tourist Save the World!!

As a project-leader and freelancer, I strive to keep improving my personal and professional skills&talents.

A tangible and ambitious goal is currently creating 'Good Deed Tourism' in the Netherlands(and after that the globe) with the Tourist Save the World movement.
( With our biking & walking tours we offer tourists of all sorts the opportunity to contribute directly, while experiencing a City actively and with a smile. A unique concept and the perfect option for those wanting to look beyond the red-light-district and the coffee-shop.

Furthermore I have a goal set to speak 5 languages before I'm 30 and be qualified as a Wellness Coach within 2 years.


Sustainable Tourism, Tour Guiding, Video production, Video editing, Website development, Non-profit Gadget development, Workshops, Creative services, Graphic Design, Logo development, Event managing, non profit organizations, NGO's.

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