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I'm Nihan from Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from Lycée Français Notre Dame de Sion in Istanbul, I lived in Lyon, France for three years and studied Political Science at Université Lumiere Lyon II. Then, I moved to Barcelona and I did a master's degree on 'Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary' at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. I've been living in Istanbul once again since August 2013. I worked in a production company that generally produces commercials till December and I worked in another production company that produces documentaries mainly for a public TV channel in Turkey. I currently work at Aton Film as an assistant director. I have two documentary projects on my mind and I'm going to start filming one in a recent future. Finally, I adore learning languages and I speak Turkish, English, French, Spanish, a little bit of Italian and Catalan.

P.S. You can check the documentary project 'Joventut-Solitud' which is a collective work from our master's degree.

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