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With the attempt to “summarize humanity in [my] shape”, Nisrine Boukhari is offering her own body and face as a common place for anyone to feel and share a mental and emotional traffic at large. Boukhari, a sculptor trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus, shapes video shots as a sensitive area of visual contact. In The Monoconcept (2008), fade in technique as well as superimposing shots play a crucial part in layering the multiple shades of the monochrome. "The symphony of colors makes us blind: we can’t conceive the reality of monochrome that contains all colors in its existence". The Monoconcept is an ode to Human as the essential and common soul cropping up through differences, oppositions and contradictions – and encompassing them at the same time. The voice of The Monoconcept is Spanish singer Fatima Miranda's who has been researching vocal music in traditional cultures and aims to mix vocal techniques taken to be incompatible. This quest for a kind of "complete" voice leads to question the body supposed to beat with it. Boukhari's face's close up shots fit a global process of self-reconnaissance. Nisrine Boukhari talks a delicate and confidential art language which is uncommon in her social and cultural environment where universalism and exposure are out of consideration. Nevertheless Boukhari deals with the existential thickness of her times, here and now.

Nathalie Leleu
Chargée de mission sur les collections et le patrimoine
Musée Picasso Paris

P.S : this the only official channel of my video work.

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