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Nivanoise (Okan Çalışkan) born in Istanbul in 1985, Nivanoise's interest in electronic music has began during the late 90s. He has set up his own studio after signing a deal with GlowStam Records, and acquired the "Wi5 Sound Engineering" Certificate.

Having worked as a DJ and producer in both local and international platforms, Okan Çalışkan has introduced his own work to his listeners at the end of 2000 under the name of Nivanoise.

He has blended the traditional techniques with alternative rhythm and effects with his musical concept "Contrast In Repetition" and having been professionally acclaimed among his listeners, he has commercialized a variety of sound modules in the international music industry.

Despite the aggressive transitions within his sets, because of the musical harmony of the blended mixture of the styles he used, he has became popular as a DJ among various clubs. However, after 2005, he has concentrated on his studio work and started only performing in a selection of high-end events.

He has made a success of conducting simultaneous projects with over a hundred producers within different cities in Turkey.

All this time, he has produced all the musical pieces, sound effects for films, musical infrastructure for bands and mastering, within his studio in Istanbul.
Nivanoise (Okan Çalışkan) is still continuing to work on music in his Istanbul studio.

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