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  1. We Love Music

    by Czlowiek Kamera

    56.9K Videos / 14K Members

    Do you love music? JOIN US! Share your music and music videos. www.vimeo.com/groups/100

  2. Low Budget Music Videos

    by Si14

    25.4K Videos / 8,997 Members

    Show the world what you can do with little money!

  3. Indie Music

    by Zenfilm

    392 Videos / 6,423 Members

    Music videos for and by independent recording artists. We are looking for creative, original works by pros and amateurs and everything in-between. Welcome.

  4. Live Music

    by Mark Schoneveld

    12.9K Videos / 2,077 Members

    A group to share your live music clips.

  5. Indie rock music !

    by kids of eighties

    129 Videos / 2,005 Members

    videoclip and live of indie rock 'n roll music

  6. Live Performances

    by From Stage

    5,569 Videos / 869 Members

    Short fragments of concerts, artists performing in unusual places. Good audio is a must, informative description would be nice.

  7. Panasonic HPX170

    by Ian Lucero

    1,175 Videos / 671 Members

    / A Vimeo group dedicated to the Panasonic HPX170 P2 HD Camera // This can also be a place to showcase films, share test footage, settings, workflow, and gear related to creating images with this…

  8. Slow/fast motion..

    by Alaric Campbell-Garratt

    1,282 Videos / 619 Members

  9. Young Rock Bands

    by John Holt

    304 Videos / 285 Members

    This is a group for video of rock bands which are on the young side. I would ask that video you add be of bands which are mostly under 18 years of age. All types of Rock and alternative music…

  10. Live music

    by pivic

    898 Videos / 168 Members

  11. Cityscapes

    by Seetwist Productions

    275 Videos / 84 Members

    Timelapse productions filmed in and around large cities.

  12. Tropical worlds

    by bluefire242

    194 Videos / 64 Members

    Hola! Ia Oranana! Welcome to Tropical worlds! Please add your movies from any tropical vacation, eco-tour, cultural event, dive trip, day at the beach, what have you... and have fun! :O) ~bluefire242

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