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Sentrum Scene, Oslo - Norway

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The 31st of may in 2014 is the magical date when Nordic Music Video Awards will be held for the very first time. NMVA is the only award show that focuses solely on Nordic music videos. We want to display the best of what the Nordic music video scene has to offer and show the value of music videos as an independent art form.

The days of music videos on MTV are over, but even with minimum resources and lack of screening venues, the quality of music videos has never been better. Sadly most music videos are only as popular as the bands and artists representing them, and success is measured by the number of views and not the artistic quality of the video. We feel that music videos deserves more than that.

The Nordic countries are flooded with creative bands and directors that continually find new broadcasting forums, new financial methods and come up with fantastic ideas that makes music videos an art form in it’s own right. It seems like the music video format refuse to die, and it is about time we honour the innovative people hiding behind them.

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