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The author Nniet Brovdi G. V. goes through the birth and the growth, from the Seventies, of the Dark-Punk, Post Punk movement, generating works of art which are highly performing and perpetually changing. Composer,writer, performer and professionally involved with video art, Brovdi sums up in his work also the development of the historic movement with a particular reference to Body Art and to all performative aspects in progress. His production is included in the reflection focused on past times and future ones, fully falling into line with the international current of the synthesis of physical art, like that of Punk and all the culture of behaviour related to the humiliation and glorification of the body, like a pleasant sublimation of oneself existential life.(Courtesy CACT- Contemporary Art Centre of Ticino - Switzerland)
Multimedia Artist: performance, videoart, bodyart music-voice,(He plays: voice,piano, sax, clarinet,pipe-organ,guitar,electronics)/ digital images, photographia, writing, pictures &; other___ myspace.com/nnietbrovdi
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