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Noah23 is an international Hip Hop phenomenon, Synchromystic Technoshaman and underground legend who has been rapping since the mid 90s. He was born in Natchez Mississippi and grew up amongst the influential indie hotbed of Guelph Ontario Canada. He has performed and sold his abstract psychedelic inspired rap records across the world and released around 40 projects and albums.

In the late 90’s Noah started the highly regarded Plague Language label which released music from a diverse roster of artists including Penny, Orko, Baracuda and also producer Orphan aka Kingston who is now one half of Blue Sky Black Death. Plague Language no longer functions as a label but exists as a loose Royal City based Hip Hop collective.

Noah is currently involved in numerous Plague Language affiliated side projects including Famous PLayaz, Weird Apples, Crunk23 and Bourgeois Cyborgs but is primarily a solo artist.

He has shared the stage with Kool Keith, Clouddead, Islands, Matisyahu, The Constantines, Plastic Little, Ceschi Ramos, Eternia, Grand Buffet, K-the-I?, Buck 65, Josh Martinez, Modulok & Red Ants, The Saurus, Radioinactive, Shabba D, Awol One, Sole, DJ Scientist, Cadence Weapon, Krinjah, Shad K, Bus Driver, Swollen Members, Tes, and many more.

Past performance include Barcelona’s SONAR, Low End Theory L.A., Austin’s SXSW, Belgium’s Festival of the Night (DE NACHEN), The OM FESTIVAL, POP Montreal and Guelph’s HILLSIDE Festival.

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