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We rarely post directly from our account, instead we add our films to the above channel. If you only follow our account and not our channel, you won't see most of our films. Click above and find the FOLLOW button. Thank you***

NoBudge showcases the new class of true independent films:


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"The American independent cinema is flourishing as never before, and its achievements are, both in the realm of individual works and as a sort of loosely but unmistakably collective set of endeavors, among the glories of world cinema. But it’s hard to get to see many of the films in question, not least because the same technological and economic changes that make the films possible have also made
theatrical and even home-video distribution tough to land—and some filmmakers are doing something about it. One of them is Kentucker Audley, who, two years ago, made his film “Open Five” available at his own Web site, and has since launched another site, NoBudge, which offers works by many independent filmmakers and showcases them in unusual and original ways." Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"Connoting both minimal means and an essential stubbornness: No Budge" Steve Dollar, The Wall St. Journal

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