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Nottingham, UK

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The story begins in 2007 when guitarist/vocalist Ben Perdue (Benji) began work on a solo recording project enlisting drummer and former bandmate Aidan Hunnisett to help lay down some drum tracks. It quickly became apparent in the early sessions that the “solo record” was far more ambitious than initially conceived and as the pair had been writing, performing and recording music together for around 10 years it seemed natural for them to join forces and mould the songs into a whole album together. ‘Noise Republic’ was born and (after a series of interruptions) recording of ‘Now Is Our Time’ - an uncompromising modern alternative rock album melding elements of both punk and metal in the process - was completed late 2009.

The album (funded 100% by the pair) saw Benji and Aidan recording all the instruments between them however Noise Republic knew they wanted this to be more than just a recording project. Recruiting guitarist Ian Marshall and bassist James Ellison, the quartet played a handful of well received small shows, but sadly it wasn't to last with James saying goodbye in order to pursue other commitments. Although spending the majority of 2010 on hiatus, Benji and Aidan continued to develop artwork for the album hoping it would soon see the light of day (after all, what is the use in creating great art if no one gets to enjoy it?). The final touches to the album were added mid 2011 and during this time bassist Tim Bond stepped up to fill James's shoes, finally providing the band with a solid line up and the vehicle they need to prove their worth.

With ‘Now Is Our Time’ finally seeing release on December 12th 2011 through most major online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp etc), Noise Republic are back with grit between their teeth. In a world where manufactured groups and “The X-Factor” rule the popular roost, unique, independent bands who spit in the face of trend following have never been so vital. “Now is our time.”

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