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Wren LaFeet and Antje Schaefer are a dynamic partner dance duo and the co-creators of the dance toolbox Cocréa: Collaborative Organic Communication Revolutionizing Embodied Awareness.

Wren draws on over 15 years of dance, including performance, choreography, and musical theater. Pursuing a spiritual path, he founded Nomad Dance in 2011 to teach dance wherever he traveled. Antje has worked with communities to produce collaborative art and music gatherings, focusing on creating space that fosters and explores connection, inspiration, and transformation.

Fusing their passions as kin-nectors and cross-pollinators with the direct experience of their ever-evolving relationship on and off the dance floor, they’ve developed a movement toolbox that facilitates deep connection, strong communication practices, and joyful, creative expression in partnership. The two have taught internationally, throughout the West Coast, and are steadily making their way across the country.

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