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Hello family!! My name is allen myers and for the last 7 years I have been living out of a backpack traveling our home planet. It started when I was walking to take a biology test, I realized I wanted to see the world, so i packed up a backpack and gave everything else away, and bought a one way ticket to the cheapest farthest place I could find. Most of the time I meet you in strange places and we find that we are long lost loved ones, and we live together for a time...Other times its a transition and im alone moving to the next place. I take pictures everywhere I go, to keep track of this, there is so much. I have started setting up exhibits in your cities on your streets to share with you your long lost loved ones that I met in some not so distant place. I film these exhibits and try to capture on film a bit about your home.



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  1. great video guys! you already know i love the concept, magnificent, all around!