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Meine aufgabe ist Bauchtänzerin. Uber Meine Politische Mission.
I want to inform you about the founder of that school my belong = Turanism[Turkism) and MoizCohen::(1883--1961), who later changed his name to Munis Tekinalp, was born to a Jewish family in Serres. He was sent for schooling in the Alliance Israelite Univeselle school in Salonica, continuing for a rabbinical ordination He would later continue to legal studies in Salonica, completing them in Istanbul after Salonica ..He would later became one of the founding fathers of ideologue PanTurkism :))
ZIONҜ Ü Ĺ ~۪۪۫۫●۪۫~ ZIONG Ü Ĺ ~۪۪۫۫●۪۫~ ZIONҜ Ü Ĺ Ĺ Ü Ҝ ~۪۪۫۫●۪۫~ZION G Ü Ĺ Ĺ Ü Ҝ ~۪۪۫۫●۪۫~ZION G Ĺ Ü Ĉ Ҝ ~۪۪۫۫●۪۫~ ZIONĹ U Ĉ Ҝ
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