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Tampa, FL

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A small Independent Film production company owned and operated by Jayson Martinez (aka Martin Lemaire). We are not an Event videography company, we strictly do scripted film, shorts, and videos for distribution and film festival screenings. check us out on IMDB


  1. John Brawley Tests
  2. Chris Turiello
  3. The Music Bed
  4. Nathan Mauger
  5. RØDE Microphones
  6. Jonathan Yi
  7. Fried Pixel Films
  8. Stargate Studios
  9. Behance
  10. Short of the Week
  12. Nino Leitner
  13. Stephen Diaz
  14. GoPro
  15. Kessler Crane
  16. Andrew Reid
  17. Johnnie Behiri
  18. Chad Johnson

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