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Located in Copenhagen and connected to the veins of Nordic Larp.

For more videos on Nordic Larp go to Nordic Larp Talks and the swedish larp congress Prolog


  1. Geek girl meetup
  2. CPH Game Collective
  3. Petter Karlsson
  4. Center for Storytelling
  5. Edith Fabritius Tvede
  6. Attract Mode
  7. Casper FC
  8. R K
  9. [PÅ::NU]
  10. Nima Hajarzadeh
  11. Frederik Stensballe Halby
  12. Thomas Mertz
  13. Rasmus Høgdall
  14. Andie Nordgren
  15. Tobias
  16. peter hass
  17. David H. Péronard