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I have lived in and around Boston for most of my life. I work in the investment business, but I have a passion for taking pictures, both still and moving pictures. Wife, 2 kids, dog. Most of my work has been in the non-profit world. I like stories of triumph over adversity. Lately I have been producing narrative films. I have been shooting with my new Blackmagic Cinema Camera which shoots 12 bit RAW footage at 2.5K. I also shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III camera using an AJA Ki Pro direct to Pro Res 422. I use my Canon 60D HDSLR with a Merlin Steadicam for stabilization when moving about. I can use all my Canon L series lenses for a great cinema look and feel with all three cameras. The iPhone4 is the most fun though. The images are great and it is small enough to draw minimal attention, which allows for great candid shots. I have completed my first narrative short film called Subscription which has been well received but critics and audiences on the festival circuit. I recently completed production of my first feature film with RWidmack Productions named Everybody Cheats which will soon have a theatrical release in Boston. I edit with both Premiere Pro CS6 and Final Cut Pro Studio and Final Cut X, depending on the project. I use Davinci Resolve Software with a Tangent Wave control surface for color grading. I use Apple computers.
I have been active in the independent film community here in Boston which is rich with talent for filmmaking. We have developed an incredible network thanks to The Boston Creative Pro Users Group , Mass Production Coalition, Hollywood East and others.

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