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  1. 8mm/S8/16mm film clips and reels made for VJing..

    by hexxylight

    855 Videos / 680 Members

    This is a clip share group made for VJ's that want to use 8mm/S8/16mm clips in there VJ performances.. Please make the clips you upload available for others to use and remix. Please try to…

  2. Aesthetic

    by Voortex Productions

    415 Videos / 110 Members

    videos created with attention, artistry and creativity.

  3. After Effects User

    by Emrys Roberts

    48.2K Videos / 15.5K Members

    I am hoping after effects users will use this space as a center for advice, tutorials, collaboration and exploration in the world of using Adobe After Effects. Adobe After Effects is one of the leading…

  4. Austin, Texas

    by Brooke

    605 Videos / 150 Members

    Please post any videos you have featuring the city of Austin, TX or showing some great "Keep Austin Weird" moments!! Share what you love about Austin!

  5. bicycle lovers

    by 3d60

    10.1K Videos / 2,943 Members

    Freedom, exercise, travel and connivence.... all in one easy to use and maintain package.... bikes are fab, join us in an odyssey or passion for bikes, cycles, velocipedes whatever you call em...…

  6. Bikecams

    by stml

    1,756 Videos / 458 Members

    Bike + camera - what have you got? A group for bike-mounted cameras of all kinds. Let's experiment.

  7. Cool Music Videos

    by Fly on the Wall

    36.8K Videos / 9,380 Members

    Add your cool music video to this group, so far the videos on this group are all from South Africa - would be rad to make it global!

  8. Creative Advertising

    by Angel Apostolski

    1,090 Videos / 5,545 Members

    Only real & cool TV ads! A group where people working in the advertising industry can show their talents and creativity, not promoting the brands.

  9. Creatives in the Pacific Northwest

    by Rachel Valdez

    67 Videos / 8 Members

    Group for all creative agencies in the Pacific Northwest to share videos about their companies and their talents.

  10. Documentaries

    by TeeJay

    4,383 Videos / 2,596 Members

    Documentary film is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to "document" reality. Although "documentary film" originally…

  11. Documentary

    by Alaska HDTV

    15.1K Videos / 5,327 Members

    Share your long or short documentary in full or promote your reel.

  12. Documentary

    by wendy testu

    6,479 Videos / 2,490 Members

    This group is about any video meant to document a project a place or an event using video as your art form.

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