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North Lincoln Films was created by graduates of Columbia College Chicago, with varying degrees in Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, and Animation. Together, we have combined efforts of hundreds of hours of technical and creative experience, ranging from small, intimate shoots to high-scale, large productions. Regardless of budget, we are always able to create a look to a video that is comprehensive yet clean, stylistic yet smart, and to do it all with efficiency and tact.

We can offer you our service to improve your visual media so that it stands out above the competition.  We can create high-quality videos that are personalized to your needs, and will increase your web value on social media sites as well as traffic and revenue on your own.

For pricing and collaborative opportunities, please send your inquiries to

For more, please check us out at

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  1. I am seeing stutter that comes from dropped frames. Are you using too slow SSD? I had this problem until I realized my SSD can only keep up 24fps. My next SSD will be one that belongs to approved list...