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Nosa Igbinedion is a UK based, African movie director, screenwriter, music video directors and creative entrepreneur. He is focused on using digital technology and trans-media storytelling to re-imagine African cinema for the internet age. He is the director and marketeer of the first African superhero movie, Oya Rise of the Suporishas (

Nosa's first fiction short film The Hydra won best film at the BFM Shorts Awards 2009. His following film, 'The Prayer' played festivals worldwide including, The Samsung’s Women’s International Film Festival 2012 in India, The London Short Film Festival 2013 and The Pan African Film Festival 2013 in Los Angeles. He was selected as the only UK fellow, on scholarship at the legacy media institute in Virginia USA. The Legacy media is run by legendary actor. producer and distributor Tim Reid.

In 2013 he thought up the idea for the first African superhero movie, Oya Rise of the Suporishas. He built an online community and brand recognition among fans and potential fans. He boosted the films face-book group from 2,000 members to 9000 members in 5 days. The trailer on YouTube was viewed over 70,000 times in just 3 days and the films poster was shared over 1300 times during the same time.


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