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NTB was born in Phoenix, USA, Christmas 1989. He soon found his way to the suburbs of Oslo, Norway where he was raised by his Norwegian mother and American father. At the age of 11 he found himself inspired by the streets, both skating and rapping. His free time became occupied with rollin’, and at night he was writing rhymes in his bed. This was the beginning of NTB’s passion for Hip Hop and music.

At 13 NTB started making his own beats and recording his own demos with his buddy J-Rock, with whom he performed at local youth clubs and churches. Influenced by his own teenage struggles and his faith in God, his early songs reflected his personal challenges. At the age of 15 he moved with his parents to London, UK which gave him exposure to new music forms and provided him with some great opportunities.

He has worked with various Norwegian producers such as Blame The Funkstar, Flop Beats, HandyCat and is also a part of the production duo called A.J. Beats. Over the past 9 years NTB has spent thousands of hours perfecting his craft.

In November 2009 NTB released his debut album: “Been Walkin’ Through Shadows”, a retrospect of his teenage years. The album includes songs from his early high school years through to songs recorded 2008/2009. (DL 4 FREE @ ntbhiphop.bandcamp.com)

NTB will be completing his BA in Music Technology at Lancaster University (UK) this summer (2011) which will result in more music being released. Due to be released fall/winter 2011 is his 2nd record, entitled "Medication 4 Life". (DL 4 FREE snippet of album title track @ SoundCloud)

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