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Neil McNamee is a filmmaker and musician based out of Dublin, Ireland.

Neil is a graduate of the B.A. (Honours) in Film and TV Production at Dun Laoghaire IADT, majoring in Screenwriting and Sound Design. He has also completed the M.A. in Screenwriting at the same college.

Neil has worked in almost all areas of film production; from shooting and editing promotional videos for small community groups, to sound recording and mixing on high profile international feature productions.

Neil has also ran the filmmaking module at Oatlands Secondary School since 2007, where students write, direct and edit an original short film. Many of these films have gone on to feature at the Fresh Youth Film Festival - including a Group Award win for "Monster Squad" in 2013.

Neil was selected to take part in ENGAGE 2013, a series of workshops with 23 other filmmakers from across Europe, on the strength of his debut feature script.

Neil is currently developing a sitcom pilot as part of Writer's Room 2014 at The Factory, a creative space for filmmakers on Grand Canal Dock.


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