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  1. Panasonic GHx & micro4/3 Community

    by Liza Witz

    16K Videos / 5,248 Members

    This is the largest and fastest growing micro 4/3 cinema group on vimeo! We started around the GH1 and have expanded to include the gamut of these new generation of innovative mirror-less high quality…

  2. Sony NEX-FS700 User Group

    by H. Paul Moon

    2,493 Videos / 2,571 Members

    ORDER NOW: w/o kit lens: http://bhpho.to/nexfs700 w/kit lens: http://bhpho.to/nexfs700k This is the User Group for the Sony NEX-FS700 Super 35mm camcorder. Modeled after the thriving communities…

  3. Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm User Group

    by H. Paul Moon

    2,798 Videos / 2,416 Members

    BUY NOW (w/lens): http://bhpho.to/FS100 BUY NOW (w/o lens): http://bhpho.to/FS100U This is the User Group for the Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm camcorder. Modeled after the thriving communities of…


    by Sneak Preview

    2,584 Videos / 1,311 Members

    A group for people to watch and share videos of peoples travels and experiences from around the world (using mainly their DSLR's or other Hd cameras) As well as useful tips for travelling light/best…

  5. Videography

    by PKSellers

    5,189 Videos / 1,225 Members

    This is a place where Videographers from around the world can share their video masterpieces. Whether it's a short film, project, or just an experiment, please post for others to view and critique. Follow…

  6. Panasonic GH1

    by Sean Sheridan

    3,362 Videos / 1,024 Members

  7. Professional Lumix GH4, GH3, GH2 & Gh1 Great Videos

    by Aclara Promotions

    2,887 Videos / 963 Members

    Are you using your Lumix GH4, GH3, GH2 or GH1 for professional corporate work, professional music videos, professional documentaries? If you're using your GH1 to make a living, post your best…

  8. Panasonic Lumix G System

    by Emmanuel Pampuri

    2,623 Videos / 664 Members

    All video from Panasonic G system AF100 / AF101 / GH1 / GH2 / GH3 / GFx GXx & next ...

  9. India

    by Vishwas Shrikhande

    673 Videos / 315 Members

    All Things related to India, showing off India's Diversity & Beauty.

  10. GH1 GH2 - Panasonic Lumix GH1 GH2

    by Picture America

    803 Videos / 236 Members

    JOHN LONGENECKER, DGA 800 470-4602 GH1: Vimeo.com/channels/60372 Rent GH1: RentGH1.com Flying iStick™: FlyingiStick.com email: PictureAmerica@mac.com

  11. Lumix GH1

    by Georg

    704 Videos / 169 Members

  12. FIXED GEAR - FIXED4711

    by Fixed4711

    292 Videos / 151 Members

    WEB: www.fixed4711.net FACEBOOK: facebook.com/pages/Fixed4711/ MAIL: magnus(at)fixed.net

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